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Drugging the Undruggable with Greg Verdine

Episode Summary

Greg Verdine is a leader in the discovery, development, and commercialization of new drug modalities, a repeat founder, and the newest venture partner at a16z Bio + Health. He is joined by Vineeta Agarwala and Jorge Conde, general partners at a16z Bio + Health.

Episode Notes

When Greg started out in science, he heard other researchers referring to certain targets as “undruggable.” In response, he’s devoted his life to drugging the undruggable, cofounding the field of chemical biology along the way. After a robust career founding multiple biotechs and serving as the cofounder, chairman, and CEO of FogPharma, he is the newest venture partner at a16z Bio + Health.

Join Greg, Vineeta, and Jorge as they talk about Greg's upbringing and career, and how he thinks about the field today.